1. Why can't I log in?

Check that you have typed the correct data. If so, make sure that you have cookies enabled in your browser. If you still can not login, check to make sure you have activated your account on the system. If you still can not log in please let us know.

2. How to activate my account?

You should activate your account for clicking in link from email from mBaner.pl. Email is sending after signup.

3. How soon will my mail with an activation link? ?

Normally, it takes no longer than 15 minutes. but in extreme cases it can take up to 24 hours.

4. After sign up, I didn't get mail with activation link. What should I do?

Contact with us, we are sending e-mail again!

5. Which means that the ratio is 1:1?

This means that for each one displays a banner on your site, your banner displayed on a different site.

6. My banner doesn't is not displayed? What should I do?

Probably entered the wrong path to the banner, check the correctness of the path. If this is correct and the banner still does not appear, check if your server does hotlink protection, if it exists upload a banner on another server.

7. How much banners can i add?

No more than 10.

8. How long does the activation of the banner?

Normally, it takes no longer than 48 hours, but in the case of a large number of banners for authentication may take longer.

9. Why you deleted my banner?

Probably not meet the conditions the conditions.

10. What is wygryzanko?

Wygryzanko is a form of free advertising that you can offer your site visitors. Example wygryzanka located on the home page system.

11. What is VIP account?

VIP was introduced for users who have a large frequency of visits your pages. Such a solution everybody can promote their site at a steady pace, and the display would last for longer. Users who frequently display banners on their sites in this way will provide more frequent display their banners on other sites, and the holders of the lower viewing figures provide a display that does not "run away" in a few days.

12. How can i get VIP account?

Account collecting points you can earn on a special account. Points is a separate count of page views generated by your site is placed on the system code. One scene is 1 point to your account. The assembly of 40 000 points automatically get prolong the VIP rank. Current state credits can be found when important information to is was a VIP status.

12. I gave warning! What does it means?

We do not want to block your account immediately after a single break rules, which allows us to system warnings. After having received such a point in the profile criminal information displayed on this fact, together with the date and cause of receipt of notice. Receipt of three warnings is equivalent to the ban.

13.I have question and I didn't find answer here. Where can I ask question?

Login to user panel, go to "Contact with us" and there, you may ask a question.