UWAGA! System mBaner niebawem zostanie wyłączony. Dziękujemy za dotychczasową współpracę.

Note! The English version is under construction!

mBaner.pl it's a free advertising system. We offer amazing ratio ratio 1:1. In our system, users have the same priority as advertisers, sometimes higher(VIP account)! Click here, if you want more information... What do I get by signing up for the system?

  • the possibility of free promotion of several of your pages at the same time
  • 1000 points for free for the promotion of your pages
  • VIP account for a week
  • the opportunity to earn additional points by clicking on paid links
  • the possibility of additional advertising your pages in paid links department
  • opportunity to participate in our affiliate program*
  • opportunities to participate in our weekly lottery
  • subtract points for display banner every 20 seconds **!
  • the possibility of advertising in 3 formats: 120x60px, 400x50px oraz 460x60px
  • opportunities to place on your website additional component - wygryzanka
  • opportunity to take advantage of the handbooks
* for each referrals user you get 2000 points to your account
** if somebody sees your advert and refresh page, point from your account won't be deduct

What privileges introduced VIP account?

  • Your banners have higher priority than classic account.
  • Every day to your account are adding 250 points.
  • A special stamp next to your login.

Don't wait, sign up. It takes 30 seconds!

NOTE! Every week we distribute 3x500 points for 3 random users!.
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